Monday, March 16, 2009

Testing the Truth

Singularity Hub has an interesting post about "attempts to bring fMRI brain scanning based lie detection evidence to the court."

This got me thinking: would I have an ethical objection to testing a project like this? If not, what kind of project would I be unwilling to participate in? What if I were in a project and suddenly realized that the product could be used for nefarious purposes? What if my superiors responded to my protestation with an emphatic, "meh...get back to work."

So here are some questions I ask the greater testing community:
(1) What role do your ethics play in your software testing?
(2) Is there a project you would not work on, or have not worked on, based on moral objections?
(3) Does the current economic climate change what you would/would not work on?
(4) How would you test a product that claims to discern the truth?
(5) Would you purchase an iPhone app that could discern truth from lies?

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