Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Word: Stopgapplication


Main Entry:stop·gap·pli·ca·tion

A cheap, throw-away program that is meant to aid in the transition to a more complete and/or robust program, but due to neglect, has become a permanent solution that must be supported at great expense by the enterprise.


Victoria Clark said...

Brilliant! This is not yet in; you MUST submit it.

Compliments on wordsmithing aside, just seeing the word and definition brings such a flood of painful memories from experiences where there "wasn't enough time" to do things correctly the first time, yet inordinate amounts of time are spent supporting the stopgapplication, upon which so much now depends. All this, despite the repeated assertions of the stopgapplication developer that it was never intended to become a permanent fixture in the process.

Zach Fisher said...


I just submitted it to psuedodictionary per your request with the following examples:

Job security in this economy is having to support our company's 42 stopgapplications because project management couldn't lead themselves out of a wet paper bag.


Sorry, honey. Not tonight. I'm having to support our company's stopagpplication from a remote server in Tel Aviv.